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Wilmette Baseball and the Positive Coaching Alliance

Are you hoping your child will have a positive experience with baseball this year? Are you hoping your child will learn enduring life lessons from baseball? Are you hoping your child will perform as well as possible?

We at Wilmette Baseball are doing more than hoping.  We have made a commitment that has earned us Positive Coaching Alliance’s Seal of Commitment for 2008.

Positive Coaching Alliance awards this mark of distinction only to organizations whose policies demonstrate a commitment to a culture of Positive Coaching. Therefore, Wilmette Baseball recently committed that our organization require all our coaches be certified as PCA Double-Goal CoachesTM - coaches who strive to compete and work to prepare his/her team to play at its highest level AND to teach athletes enduring life lessons.

All of our coaches will complete a comprehensive course in Positive Coaching principles to earn or renew their certification. This policy recognizes that certified Double-Goal Coaches are paramount to transforming the culture of youth sports and help ensure a quality experience for all youth athletes.

We are proud to have earned this important recognition of our commitment to excellence. By earning the Positive Coaching Alliance Seal of Commitment for 2008, we feel more confident than ever that our athletes—your children—will have a positive, fun, and rewarding experience.

Looking forward to seeing you at the games!

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