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11 and 12 Year-Old Travel 2014 

The WBA offers  travel teams for the more advanced 11 and 12 year-old players.  This season extends from June through the end of July.  In 2013, we sponsored one A team, and two B teams in the  Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League at both 11 and 12.  In 2014 we plan to have 2 or 3 teams depending upon tryouts.  In addition the 11 and 12 year old teams will play in a tournament during the season.  The 12 year old teams only will travel to Cooperstown New York for a tournament from June 28-July 3.

The WBA thanks AAA Insurance for its sponsorship of our Travel Baseball program





Teams will be selected following tryouts.  11 and 12 year old tryouts will be held in early March.     A committee comprised of league officials, a few dads and our paid coaches will determine the selections.  The tryout is but a part of the evaluation process.

  Making or not making a team last year is not a criteria for selection to a team this year.

12 year-old teams travel to the Cooperstown Dreams Park in Cooperstown New York for a week-long tournament.  The teams will travel to Dreams Park from 6/28-7/3.  Lodging for the players is included in the Cooperstown fee, but parents are responsible for their own lodging in the Cooperstown area.  Everyone is responsible for their own travel costs to and from Cooperstown.  The link below to the Cooperstown Dreams Park provides links to lodging in the Cooperstown area.  Because there are over 100 teams in the tournament we would recommend considering making reservations now.  Because there is no certainty as to whether any child will make any team , if parents plan to make reservations ahead we would caution them to please make sure the reservations can be canceled.  If you have questions regarding Cooperstown please e-mail Bruce Lyon at\

  In addition, there will be paid college / high school coaches of the highest caliber with each team.  Fees for 2014 travel baseball have not been set yet, but last years fees were $650 to participate in the North Shore Baseball League.  Last year the Cooperstown tournament was an additional fee of $1150 per player, which included lodging for the player.  Once we have the fees for this year we will update the web site.   

In an effort to make this a better experience, we ask that you consider the following ... whether your child does not make a team, makes a B team instead of an A team, or whatever the circumstances, you should prepare yourself and your child.

In the big picture, this is not that important and should never be devastating to the child or to the family.  If your child intends to try out, we ask that you prepare your family for any of these scenarios.

Being on a travel team has no future bearing at all on making future travel teams or high school teams. Those that do not make a travel team should understand this and those that do make a travel team should understand this.

And again, pleaser remember that we are a house league that offers a travel program.  Our goal is to ensure that our players have fun & enjoy playing baseball ... just because.

Good luck to all,
Bruce Lyon, Sid Tepps, Charlie Ieuter





The WBA sends its 12 year-old travel teams to Cooperstown Dreams Park for a week-long tournament.

Cooperstown Dreams Park


Cooperstown Dreams Park Information

For more information contact:

Sid Tepps, President,
Aaron Fink, Umpire Coordinator
Charlie Ieuter, VP
Bruce Lyon, VP

Last Updated: 2014-01-19

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